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Yoga for the Mind 8 Week Course
 is on Zoom!  I am teaching the course every Friday afternoon 3.30-5.00 to raise money for the NHS.  The Course begins Friday the 15th of May.

What is it?

The Yoga Therapy for the Mind course is an evidence based yoga therapy and mindfulness course for the treatment of stress, anxiety and mild depression.  

In weeks 1-5, there is an emphasis on regulation skills and gentle mindfulness practice.  Introducing regulatory skills before mindfulness creates safety and self efficacy.  Yoga offers many techniques to regulate and soothe the nervous system. 

In weeks 5-8,  Mindfulness is introduced as a more formal practice.  Mindfulness improves the quality of regulation.  By being mindful we become more aware of when we need to regulate an aspect of our experience in the here and now.  Without real awareness of our thoughts and feelings, its hard to even know if we are upset or when the breath changes.  With practice, we begin to notice when we feel uncomfortable, and recognise all the little mind body cues that occur before discomfort becomes full blown depression, anxiety or stress.  In this way we can regulate early, and nip the entire mental pattern in the bud before it floods us.  Additionally, mindfulness has real implications for brain structure and can help the process of restoring and creating neurological balance.

Specific Overview

  • Each group consists of a max of 10 students
  • The course consists of 8 sessions
  • Each session is 2 hours long
  • A manual is provided along with a CD set for home practice

Each session includes

  • Psycho-education and Theme
  • An Asana (body practice)
  • Formal Pranayama (breath practice)
  • An Activity related to the weekly theme
  • A Group Discussion

If you are interested in the Yoga for the Mind Course  and would like more information, please contact me on  [email protected] or call 07813067510