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  Turn up the Light Yoga


  Yoga & Mindfulness for Mental Health and Wellbeing





When? Sunday 19th of May 1.30-4.00pm

Where? Studio Kooks, The Mansion, Beckenham Place Park, BR3 1SY

A Journey of Self Discovery, Yoga, Mindfulness, Guided Meditation and Inspirational talks.

Investment: £35.00

Before understanding what stillness is, we first have to understand what causes a lack of stillness.  It is often an over-identification with our thoughts, and therefore our resistance to them that causes mental disturbance or a lack of stillness. Yoga & Mindfulness teach us the necessity of getting behind our thoughts, behind the weather patterns of the mind in non- judgemental, open and compassionate awareness. It is within this stillness and space that we discover who we really are.

About the teachers

Nadia Tzaneti is an accredited British Wheel of Yoga teacher and Mental Health Yoga Practitioner. She works on the inpatient ward at The Priory Hayes Grove and has extensive experience working with anxiety, and depression. She will be teaching us some tools to soothe the nervous system and create space and stillness in the body and the mind.

Christos Papalekas is a CBT & EMDR Psychotherapist and Counselling Psychologist who works at the Priory Hayes Grove and in Private Practice. Christos will explain what Mindfulness is and what it is not. He will offer a neurobiological perspective of Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity, and will lead us in some experiential practices.

Satjit Adhen is an Experienced Therapist and Creator of Holistic Healing Techniques, International Seminars and Workshops. When the mind is quiet, we discover a new relationship to Self, identity, and each other. Satjit will be leading us through Guided Meditations and inspirational exercises into the stillness behind the mind, to discover the love and radiance of the True Self -the I AM. 

No Previous Yoga or Mindfulness Practice is required.

Booking is essential. Please call Helen Lewis on 07813 067510 or email [email protected]