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  Turn up the Light Yoga


  Yoga & Mindfulness for Mental Health and Wellbeing




With your help I have become as I used to be again: whole, warm, full of colour and promising.  Many thanks and great love for your Therapy, gentleness, grace and love.

Patient at the Priory

The sessions leave me extremely relaxed, having been able to concentrate on my breathing instead of my anxious thoughts.  Helen is an amazing Yoga Teacher, so calming and serene. 


When the days were dark you gave me joy and light with your yoga lessons and your teaching. 


Thank you for inviting me to your course and for the amazing instruction and inspiration you offered.  I feel so much more in touch with my mind and body now - but I know this is just a start.  I hope to share more Yoga experiences with you

 Course participant

My anxiety is more easy to cope with.  I have felt a peacefulness I've never felt before.  Understanding the physical reasons behind Yoga e.g. stimulating certain glands has been very helpful.  

Patient at the Priory